Helping aspiring nurses bring their dreams to reality

We partnered with Wolters Kluwer Health to build a creative way to launch their new product and stand out in a crowded market.


Standing out in a competitive market

Wolters Kluwer Health (WKH) is a division of the global publishing company that provides information, software and services to healthcare professionals and students.

WKH developed an online program called PassPoint to help nursing students prepare for the NCLEX-RN, the final licensing exam for aspiring nurses. Unlike traditional study guides and note cards, PassPoint is based on an adaptive learning system that personalizes the experience for each student to identify and strengthen their areas of improvement.

With a lot of pressure and little time, students tend to stick to old study habits. How do you introduce a new study tool during this stressful time?

Understanding the audience

The NCLEX-RN is a difficult exam that generally causes students anxiety, as it is the culmination of years of effort to become a healthcare professional. We found that students start preparing months in advance and study on a daily basis. They often develop a routine and carefully plan the days, hours and even locations to study the material.

To overcome students' conventional study habits, our strategy had to break into their daily routines and demonstrate the value of the product.

Crafting the solution

The email inbox is the most direct path to someone’s daily attention. To demonstrate the benefits of PassPoint we built a Question of the Day email application that sent daily NCLEX-RN exam questions and tracked the student’s responses. Just like PassPoint, Question of the Day is designed to be intelligent and customized to each user.

As a nurse helps a client ambulate, the client says, "I had trouble sleeping last night." Which action should the nurse take first?
Recommend warm milk or a warm shower at bedtime
Gathering more information about the client's sleep problem
Reason: the nurse first should determine what the clients means by "trouble sleeping." The nurse lacks sufficient information to recommend warm milk or a warm shower or to make inferences about the cause of the sleep problem, such as worries or medication use.
Determining whether the client is worried about something
Finding out whether the client is taking medication that may impede sleep
Mimicking adaptive learning

For every response, the answer was graded, explained and stored to create a profile that determined and adjusted future questions, based on the student’s area of need.

Engineering organic growth

We built a module to give students the opportunity to share each question with their peers after posting a response. This generated hundreds of shares daily and lead to organic growth in traffic and signups.

Generating leads

To view explanations and track progress after responding, students were taken to the product website – creating an opportunity to upsell the full-service offering.


Connecting with students everyday

The Question of the Day service was hugely successful and continues to be the main source of leads for PassPoint. Email open and click-through rates are astronomical compared to industry standards, and more than half of users return to the site over 15 times.

1M+ Answers submitted
81% Website return rate

Division Of/ helped us engage new customers in creative ways

The Question of the Day capability has outperformed expectations and has driven new leads for our NCLEX products.

Sarah Schuessler Sr. Marketing Manager