Building an online shopping experience as distinctive as the brand

We partnered with Too Cool For School to build an innovative ecommerce platform that would drive sales and grow U.S. market share.


Boosting sales through ecommerce

The cult-favorite Korean beauty brand Too Cool For School (TCFS) found initial success selling its products at their stores in London and New York City and through retailers like Sephora and Nordstrom. But as TCFS’ popularity increased, they wanted to reach online customers directly for greater profit margins.

TCFS reached out to DivisionOf/ to help build an ecommerce platform that would reflect its quirky image, inspire brand loyalty and guide its audience to purchase products.

How do we create a digital experience that both portrays the unique character of the TCFS brand and guides the audience through the buying journey to checkout?
Brand education should be accomplished through product imagery and content in order to ensure a clear path to purchase.

Giving visitors a cool and compelling shopping experience

Amazing, quality skincare products are not the only reason that TCFS has amassed such a following. Creativity and artistic design are quintessential to the brand, which meant that the ecommerce platform had to showcase – and sell – products in a unique way. As we developed the new TCFS site, we focused on four key elements that would allow customers to truly experience the brand without getting distracted from their purchases.

Navigation that caters to different visitor types

If you’re shopping on your lunch break, you probably want to go to a site and get right to it. If you’re exploring new products from your couch at night, you may want to click around and enjoy the experience. Through a combination of visual, icon-based navigation and natural language navigation, we designed a site that enables visitors to engage in the shopping experience of their choosing.

The natural language navigation takes customers directly to their desired product types. The icon-based navigation provides visitors with an element of surprise and excitement, while still guiding them on a path to relevant products and collections.

Highlighting collections without distracting from the purchase

Each of the product collections has a unique story and identity, and it was important to the TCFS team that we include those stories in the site. In order to give visitors a taste of each collection without leading them away from their original purchase intent, every collection landing page provides vivid imagery with a line or two of copy describing the collection. The products are immediately visible, which helps move the audience through the buying journey. And visitors who want to learn more about the collection can view a video or click through to an individual product page.

Larger than life hero image

As a self-proclaimed artistic brand, the visual experience was fundamental for TCFS. We designed a giant space for a bold hero image and message. The message copy can be easily updated by the TCFS team to keep things fresh and highlight different promotions.

For visitors who are just too cool

While the ecommerce site was a new venture for TCFS, the brand had an existing Inspirations site that communicated its values and purpose, artist collaborations, and Instagram features. To keep shoppers on the purchase path while also conveying the ideas behind the brand, we saved Inspirations as a separate but linked site, allowing visitors to make a clear choice between “Shop” and “Inspirations.”


Much love for the launch

The recent launch of TCFS’ ecommerce site did not go unnoticed, garnering rave reviews from fans of the brand and social media influencers alike.

The site’s tight technical SEO allows TCFS to maximize brand ownership in search results. A whopping 70% of traffic comes from organic search.

Since brand awareness is strong, we are now working with TCFS to identify and implement digital tactics to gain market share from other ecommerce retailers that sell their products, rather than spend additional efforts on search campaigns. Stay tuned for more cool things to come!