Designing an online customer experience to engage, educate and convert

We built Skinfood a website that would simultaneously educate consumers and drive online purchases.


Food first, beautiful skin second

The first cosmetic brand to root itself in food, Skinfood has been using nourishing ingredients to create high-quality, natural skincare products since 1957. A shift to make ecommerce the primary US sales channel prompted Skinfood to engage DivisionOf/ to transform the company’s website into an online shopping experience that would immerse consumers into the Skinfood philosophy.

What’s the best way to educate new consumers about Skinfood and its 12 distinct product lines without distracting them from their path to purchase?

Choose your own journey

With education and conversion in mind, we built a website that allows visitors to learn as much or as little as they want about the Skinfood products and philosophy.

The landing page experience, which prominently displays the latest and greatest promotions, was designed to appeal to both new visitors and returning customers. From there, visitors can choose to:

Learn what makes Skinfood products unique.

A big chunk of homepage real estate is devoted to introducing the food-based product lines. New visitors can select a food type to begin a journey from ingredient overview to related blog content to specific products they can then purchase.

Easily purchase the products they already know they want.

At the same time, visitors who want to quickly make a purchase can use the detailed filter system and search bar to find a specific product by name, product type, skin type or skin concern. The top navigation was also designed to quickly present the most probable ways a customer would look for products.


Dramatic increase in traffic and sales

After being introduced to Skinfood products at retail locations or through other online retailers, many customers visit the Skinfood website to learn more about the company and product line. Since the site’s official launch, average monthly traffic has increased by over 100% and continues to grow at a consistent rate. The website has also become an effective sales channel for Skinfood in the US.

100% increase in website traffic