Shaping the ideal digital experience for every Silver Hill Hospital patient

We worked with Silver Hill Hospital to build a digital platform that would promote the brand as a national leader in mental health.


Reaching out to a broader market

Set on a 44-acre campus in the Connecticut woods, Silver Hill Hospital is one of the leading treatment facilities for psychiatric and addiction disorders. While it was well known in the region as an outstanding facility, the Silver Hill brand was not recognizable on a national level.

Silver Hill engaged Division Of/ to help establish the hospital as a national leader in mental health treatment.

How do we create a digital experience that serves as a foundation for nationwide marketing initiatives and guides each very different audience through a different funnel of relevant content?

Reimagining the visitor experience

We completely revamped the way that visitors interacted with the Silver Hill website by rebuilding it from the ground up. In developing the new design and architecture, we created clear funnels that would quickly determine intent and set each type of visitor on the right path to learning about relevant service lines. This also separated psychotic disorders from addiction or eating disorders, minimizing the stigma for those patients of enrolling in a psychiatric hospital.

Regardless of entry point, visitors are immediately directed to select a Center of Expertise, which filters out the other (irrelevant) services offered by Silver Hill.

With new robust features, such as the service line microsites, resource directories and service-specific FAQs, the new site attracts and engages audiences throughout the entire decision-making funnel:


The service line microsites were designed to support landing page traffic from PPC campaigns. We also helped Silver Hill revamp their AdWords strategy to support the PPC campaigns. The site’s robust Community section acts as the central hub for social media strategy.


By capturing and analyzing intent and engagement, the Silver Hill website delivers each visitor relevant content and a personalized path to conversion.

Macro conversions, such as contacting admissions, and micro conversions, like downloading brochures and viewing videos, allows users at different points in their journey to indicate interest by taking action. Those conversions act as feedback loops that drive the optimization of marketing campaigns and website funnels.


The Silver Hill marketing team was generating powerful content that validated the breadth of its staff expertise, including educational blog posts, a podcast and a patient-created magazine. We were able to streamline and organize it in a compelling, easy-to-navigate Community section, so visitors would be able to find, engage with and share relevant content. The site also features a contextual element that serves each user relevant content from other areas of the website based on real-time engagement.


Communicator Award – Award of Excellence Websites – General-Health Care Services
IAC Internet Advertising Competition – Best Healthcare Provider Website
AVA Digital Awards – Gold for Medical Web-Based Production – Website


Driving conversion by connecting with each and every visitor

With dramatic increases in engagement and conversions, the new website enabled Silver Hill to achieve their primary goal of increased awareness. Just five months after its launch, the website’s monthly lead generation conversion rate increased by 78%. Combined with an enhanced PPC strategy, total lead conversions increased by 296%.

295% increase in digital lead conversion
+700% in visits to the website from social media
21% increase in Community content engagement