Empowering Gaucher patients to take charge of their disease management

We worked with Sanofi Genzyme to build an interactive website to engage and educate patients.


Supporting patients with the tools they need to manage Gaucher

As a pioneer of treatment for rare diseases including Gaucher, global biopharmaceutical company Sanofi Genzyme wanted to launch a patient website for Gaucher Awareness Month. While the company already had solid content describing the seven tests that patients should receive annually, they needed to make it engaging and more useful. They wanted to transform it into an actual tool instead of a neglected brochure.

Based on the success of the previous Gaucher Awareness Month project with Division Of/, Putting Gaucher on the Map, Sanofi Genzyme approached our team with the goal of moving beyond awareness to educating and supporting the patient community.

How can we engage Gaucher patients and pique their interest so they gain the important knowledge about the seven tests they need to receive annually?

A website to visually guide patients through their disease management

Division Of/ designed an interactive website for the Seven Tests campaign that would help patients understand the importance of monitoring Gaucher disease with regular assessments, become more knowledgeable about the seven tests necessary to manage the disease, and learn about disease management goals and research from Gaucher disease experts from around the world.

Our team created a medical 3D visualization of the human body, which served as an innovative navigational tool to guide patients through each of the seven tests. The dynamic site design allows patients to literally move through the body, learning how Gaucher affects the bones, blood and organs and understand the related tests, why they are necessary and what to expect.


A “7 Tests Checklist” enables patients to evaluate and track their disease management. Many patients use it as a guide to help them knowledgeably discuss and plan their care with their doctor.

The “Test Reminder” sign-up form reinforces the importance of a regular testing schedule and provides opportunities for patients to return to the site and for Sanofi Genzyme to re-engage patients via email.

Award-winning tool enables patient education

Both Sanofi Genzyme and the National Gaucher Foundation were thrilled to launch the website as a visually impactful and valuable tool for patients. As a result of the engaging and educational nature of the site, approximately 2% of U.S. patients signed up for assessment reminders. And the site’s cutting-edge design and animation received numerous accolades, including a Communicator Award, One Page Love Award and Horizon Interactive Award.

2% U.S. patients registered for assessment reminders
3 Communications & Design Awards