Visualizing the evolution of loyalty

We partnered with Loyyal to explain how blockchain can revolutionize the loyalty industry


Every once in a while technology creates the opportunity for a paradigm shift in industry. Loyyal is using blockchain technology to do just that in the staid loyalty industry. Why can’t you use your airline loyalty points to pay for the cab ride to the airport? That’s the kind of problem that they are solving.

As with any transformative technology, the first challenge is to communicate its benefits and how it will work in order to inspire organizations to change. The founders of Loyyal approched Division Of/ to solve this communication challenge and develop a story, visual language, and presentation slides to use at sales meetings with potential customers.

How do we visualize the impact that blockchain technology will have so that the industry people in the room are inspired to work with Loyyal?

The goals of this project were to create a structure to tell the story of how Loyyal will transform the industry and to create a visual language that conveys the benefits of blockchain technology in a way that anyone can understand.

Telling the story

We took a problem-solution approach where the problem is described in the context of the evolution of technologies that have impacted the industry. The current state is a convoluted system of operations that increases costs, and dissonance between the expectations of customers and the solutions that the industry provides. This is caused by stagnation in adopting new technology.

Once the problems are described, Loyyal is presented as the solution and next step in the evolution of the industry.

From here, the presentation dives into the benefits of the technology.

Visualizing the blockchain

With a highly technical concept, the first instinct is to start to describe the detail of how this works, however, this quickly becomes too complicated to convey in a sales presentation and loses sight of the real-world benefits.  Our biggest challenge was finding the fine line between something that represents key aspects of the technology while at the same time describing the benefits.


Building Sales & Expanding Visual Style

Since incorporating the new slide deck into their sales pitch, Loyyal team has been more effective in describing how their technology will impact the industry. The visuals from the presentation are now used in a wide range of their communications.