Designing a charitable brand and website to inspire support

We worked with Kulen Outreach to help drive their mission of providing quality education to children from rural Cambodia.


Graduating from GoFundMe

Kulen Outreach has an awesome mission: to provide children from the rural region of Phnom Kulen with the chance to be a part of Cambodia’s future growth and development. Their education program consists of two components: the management of primary schools in Phnom Kulen and an Enrichment Program in Siem Reap, where high school students learn English and can engage in opportunities from the booming tourist industry.

In order to boost fundraising efforts and take their charitable organization to the next level, the founders of Kulen Outreach engaged Division Of/ to create a brand identity, website and digital fundraising platform of its own.

How do we create a site that conveys credibility for this fairly new nonprofit and allows Kulen volunteers to fundraise individually?

A youthful and authentic brand

In establishing a visual language for the brand, we wanted to connect visuals from the local Cambodian culture with a symbol of education. The result was a logo that incorporates a pencil with shapes from Cambodia’s architecture. Since the color palette is clean and playful, the image is fun for the students to feature in their art activities. We also developed several patterns that were inspired by local textiles.

Compelling, visual storytelling

Since connecting children from rural areas to economic opportunities is a mission that most people would support, we wanted website visitors to immediately understand that even a small donation could make an impact. Beautiful photography and a video of the children in their Kulen Outreach schools tell the story visually, while a donation page specifically outlines how each donation (from $5 to $1000) will be used to support the children.

Creating a donor connection

Dedicated Kulen Outreach supporters and volunteers often run individual fundraising campaigns, so we created a flexible platform that would allow for customized feature pages for each campaign.

The platform is easy for Kulen Outreach to manage and maintain, conveys the organization’s growth from its original GoFundMe page, and helps donors feel personally connected to the volunteers working directly with the children.


Enabling greater opportunities for the children through increased donations

Through the new website and fundraising platform, Kulen Outreach has raised over $300,000. The site was also recognized by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts with a Silver Communicator Award for Brand Identity.

300,000 Dollars in donations
Silver Communicator Award
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