Engineering a website for an engineering company

We partnered with Copley Controls to help their customers find the perfect part for their project.


Based in Massachusetts, Copley Controls is a leader in motion control and drive technology. Their clients span industries from semiconductors to medical and military, and include some of the largest engineering organizations in the world like Texas Instruments, General Electric, and Raytheon.

Facing competition from industry peers with modern web experiences, the team from Copley Controls came to us with a website that had not been updated for almost 8 years.

Copley Controls needed a contemporary website engineered to reflect their own engineering prowess.

How do we impress engineers with a digital solution that allows them to easily sift through over 300 SKUS and hundreds of related resources and software downloads?
The Insight
Engineers, salespeople, distributors, are going to start their experience on the website searching for products by technical specification or model. As a result, we decided that the area where our design and engineering skills can make the most impact is the product search functionality.

Product Search

The product search is the centerpiece of the main navigation. What seems like a simple text search, upon interaction reveals a complex yet intuitive filter that allows a visitor to dial in the exact specifications that they are looking for to find the model that’s right for them.

With 11 specification criteria and dozens of values that can be selected, the complexity of the product filter could be daunting for even an engineer. We designed a sleek interface loosely inspired by Star Trek computer controls that are not only clear and intuitive, but also a pleasure to use.

Playing with the buttons and dials filters product search results in real-time allowing the user to quickly find the products that they are looking for.

The text search and filter are consolidated into a single space allowing the user to choose the best way to find what they are looking for.

Product Detail Page

The theme of consolidation continued on the product pages where product details and all relevant resources and software downloads were combined in a structured list format. That means an existing customer can find support materials and a potential customer can find application examples all in one place. This feature also allows salespeople to easily share materials with their clients.

Sales Support

We wanted to make sure that the website is an effective sales support tool. Every interaction with the product search filter creates a unique URL that can be copied and shared at the click of a button. Salespeople use this feature to look up the product specifications a client needs on the fly and share the results with a single link.

The website also includes a Partners section hidden behind a login gate that allows internal company staff and salespeople to share materials such as sales presentations and unreleased product documents.


A global success

Enthusiastic adoption by salespeople and global distributors has lead to localizing the website for the Chinese market. We look forward to continuing this expansion around the world.

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