Breathing new life into the established Coordinated Health brand

We helped Coordinated Health find a new visual identity to convey its innovative, patient-centered model.


Time for an upgrade

During the course of 25 years, Coordinated Health (CH) had grown tremendously – from a reputable sports medicine practice to the third largest specialty hospital system in Eastern Pennsylvania. Despite the healthcare industry’s ever-increasing complexity, CH has maintained a patient-centered approach (named “continuum of care”) through an integrated service model. While their business model was innovative, CH’s overall brand and logo were dated and in desperate need of a refresh. In collaboration with healthcare communications agency Big Arrow Group, DivisionOf/ set out to modernize the brand’s identity while maintaining a link to its proud heritage. At the same time, we revamped CH’s digital strategy for increased visibility and streamlined patient services.

How can we modernize the the visual language of a hospital network without jeopardizing its existing connection to current patients and the local community?
As healthcare is increasing in cost and complexity, it’s also becoming less accessible. CH’s continuum of care represents what today’s patients want - simplicity and improved access.

A logo that expresses the continuum of care

CH’s original logo was generic and outdated. To evolve, the network needed a way to visually represent their integrated, innovative service model in a new logo.

The continuum of care begins when a patient first enters the door to a CH facility and ends when she is fully rehabilitated. Many patients are treated only by CH during this entire journey. This single, cohesive experience is represented by the vibrant orange line that embraces the “H” hospital symbol and encloses the logo mark. The inner white space forms the letter “C” to complete the CH monogram, evoking a collegiate feeling of community and trust. The united elements and clever use of negative space conveys integration and innovation, which is further highlighted by the vibrancy of the orange color. The bold, geometric Flama typeface reaffirms the design’s strong, friendly characteristics. At first glance, the logo simply represents CH, but on a deeper level, it exemplifies the holistic, welcoming approach of the continuum of care.

Creating a network’s visual language

CH wanted to highlight the distinctiveness of its service lines while unifying them under a single brand. For each service line, we developed unique icons that maintained the aesthetic consistency of the corporate brand and created the feel of an integrated system.


The new face of Coordinated Health

Once the design work was completed, it was time to introduce the Lehigh Valley to the new face of Coordinated Health. During the internal launch, the network updated everything – from print collateral and building facades to uniforms for over 1,200 employees – with the new logo. To capitalize on the excitement and build lasting brand equity, CH ran an awareness campaign combining traditional media channels like billboards and team/stadium sponsorships, with digital tactics, such as online testimonials. As a result, CH became known throughout the community exactly how its founder intended: as a modern hospital system that serves people with efficiency and integrated care.