2018 Design Internship Program
Accepting Applicants

Division Of/ is an award-winning digital innovation agency. We use technology to strategically shape the way people interact with brands.

We believe that the systems we build, even the most highly technical, are human systems at their core. Not only are they tasked with effectively supporting the people that use them, they must also benefit the people they serve. Creating an elegant system starts with a talented team. By bringing together strategists, designers and technologists from different backgrounds, we’re able to explore, build and launch innovative systems.

Our design internship program provides real world agency experience. We are seeking a talented and responsible intern to join our growing team in NYC. You’ll work side-by-side with our core team where you will learn strategic problem-solving, web fundamentals and the creative process.


The mission for the design intern is to research, strategize, architect and design creative solutions that achieve real business objectives. They will work with members on the team to:

  • Utilize deep understanding of design and web principles
  • Conduct extensive research to better understand the role design serves
  • Architect information that is efficient, organized and intuitive
  • Design creative solutions that are beautiful, innovative and simple
  • Exercise the highest level of quality assurance
  • Understanding of web fundamentals
  • Proficient in key design programs: Adobe Creative Suite / Sketch
  • Thirst to learn and the drive to execute
  • Satisfy all client/project specific business objectives through design
  • Aid core members in aspects of the design process
Apply Now

Accepting Spring and Summer internship applications.

To apply, send an email to careers@divisionof.com with the subject line – “Division Of/ Internship”. In the body, write a short summary describing why you would like to work at a digital agency and what you can offer. Please attach your resume and portfolio.